By hosom

Generate and log ja3 ssl fingerprints


By salesforce

Zeek-Sysmon contains a python script that will read in a file, parse JSON Windows Event Logs, generate Zeek events, and forward them to Zeek. Default Zeek-Sysmon scripts log output to files.


By corelight

Detect Zoom traffic


By salesforce

Protocol analyzer that detects, dissects, fingerprints, and logs GQUIC traffic


By salesforce

HASSH is used to identify specific Client and Server SSH implementations. The fingerprints can be stored, searched and shared in the form of an MD5 fingerprint. This package logs components to ssh.log


By salesforce

JA3 creates 32 character SSL client fingerprints and logs them as a field in ssl.log. These fingerprints can easily be shared as threat intelligence or used as correlation items for enhanced alerting and analysis. This package also adds JA3 to the Zeek Intel Framework.


By theparanoids

The script will create a new log which will log the details which build the fingerprint and some additional information. The fingerprint is created by concatenating extracted fields from different data packets.

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