Zeek package to add a destination port to the meta fields in Zeek. It creates a notice when both the intel and the destination port matches. This can be used to reduce false positives.

How to use it

This script functions using the meta key meta.dport. You can add that to any input file of the threat intelligence data. This has to follow the data type port. For example: 80/tcp.

What it does

After an intel match from the Intelligence Framework it checks if the meta.dport field exists in the sources metadata. If this is the case it checks if the destination port matches, if so then it generates a notice dportmatch::DPORT_INTEL_MATCH.


Keep in mind that port numbers are easily changeable by adversaries. You should be keeping a look at the intel logs. However, this gives you the ability to easily increase the reliability of an IOC hit.

Examples of threat intelligence sources that provide dport mappings

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