This Zeek script framework communicates with the Zeek Agent to perform live queries against the agent's tables and then incorporate the results back into Zeek's processing & logging. In addition to tables built in, the agent can connect to Osquery to retrieve any of the host data provided there.

Note: This framework is still a work in progress and expected to change further in terms of API, functionality, and implementation.


The framework requires Zeek 3.0+, which you can download and install per the instructions on the Zeek web site.

You will also need to install the Zeek Agent itself, as well as optionally Osquery, according to these instructions.


The easiest way to install the zeek-agent framework is through the Zeek package manager. If you have not installed the package manager yet, do that first:

# pip install zkg
# zkg autoconfig

# zkg install zeek/zeek-agent-framework

Alternatively, you can clone the repository manually and copy it over into Zeek's site folder:

# git clone https://github.com/zeek/zeek-agent-framework
# cp -a zeek-agent-framework/zeek-agent $(zeek-config --site_dir)

If you'd rather run it directly out of the local repository clone (rather than site), set your ZEEKPATH accordingly:

# export ZEEKPATH=<path/to/zeek-agent-framework>:$(zeek-config --zeekpath)


Using any of the three installation methods above, you can now load the framework when you start Zeek:

# zeek zeek-agent

Once you start up any agents, you should start seeing a new Zeek log file zeek-agent.log that records the hosts connecting to Zeek:

# cat zeek-agent.log
#fields    ts       source  peer        level   message
1576768875.018249	local	ZeekMaster	info	Subscribing to zeek announce topic /zeek/zeek-agent/zeek_announce
1576768875.018249	local	ZeekMaster	info	Subscribing to zeek individual topic /zeek/zeek-agent/zeek/C6EAF3CFDF46831E2D9103E5A1C48F78AD873A00#10223
1576768877.709030	local	ZeekMaster	info	Incoming connection established from C6EAF3CFDF46831E2D9103E5A1C48F78AD873A3C#7503

You won't see much more at first as there's nothing sending queries to the endhost yet. Check out the examples/ directory for scripts that are using the built in (currently Linux audit based) and Osquery based functionality.


The framework ships with examples that currently use Osquery derived tables and Linux auditd based tables. Use the follow lines to load all of the associated examples.

To load the Osquery examples:

@load zeek-agent/examples/osquery

To load the auditd examples:

@load zeek-agent/examples/auditd

To load the EndpointSecurity (MacOS) examples:

@load zeek-agent/examples/endpointsecurity


This Zeek framework is based on an earlier implementation by Steffen Haas, with recent work contributed by Corelight and Trail of Bits.

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