Intel Seen More

This package provides additional seen scripts for Zeek's intelligence framework. It implements the following functionalities:

  • udp: Sees originator and responder of UDP connections. Note: The script uses the potentially expensive event new_connection.

  • icmp-ping: Sees originator and responder of ICMP echo requests and replies. Note: The script uses potentially expensive events.

  • effective_dns: Introduces the Intel::EFFECTIVE_DOMAIN indicator type for effective domains. For example "" will match "" and other subdomains. Note: The scripts require the DomainTLD package.

  • conn-tcp: Introduces the Intel::CONN_TCP indicator type supporting <IP>:<Port> indicators for established TCP connections.


The scripts are available as package for the Zeek Package Manager and can be installed using the following command:

zkg install intel-seen-more


By default no script is loaded! To load all scripts add the following to your local.zeek:

@load packages
@load packages/intel-seen-more/seen

Seen scripts can also be loaded selectively:

@load packages
@load packages/intel-seen-more/seen/udp
@load packages/intel-seen-more/seen/effective-dns

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