Hello World!

Zeek matrix tests Zeek nightly build

This is a Zeek package to use for testing zkg and your Zeek installation. Install as follows:

$ zkg install hello-world

Then, run it by saying:

$ zeek hello-world
/path/to/your/zeek/share/zeek/site/hello-world/./main.zeek, line 5: Hello world! This is v1.0.

The package writes a single line to the reporter.log, which Zeek by default also prints to stderr. To experiment with version selection, the package also provides version v0.1.0 a development version on the main branch, a branch operating correctly (topic/helloworld/ok), and one with an intentional test failure (topic/helloworld/broken). For example, to install the latest version on the main branch, say:

$ zkg install --version main hello-world

To explore the version you have installed, try zkg info hello-world.

To start your own package, don't copy this one! Instead, take a look at the zkg create command.

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