Package functionality and architecture

This package will:

  • Parse HTTP Content-Security-Policy reports. After parsing is done it will fire an HTTP_CSP::Report event that can be used later to extend basic functionality,
  • Log every (or only some) report to csp_report.log file,
  • Use Bro Intelligence Framework to cross check domains in blocked-uri field against your threat intel.

Package contains 3 modules:

  • main.bro - required,
  • logger.bro - optional,
  • intel.bro - optional.

You can skip loading optional files in case you don't want to log reports or use intel framework.


You can also redefine following constants to customize package behaviour.

  • HTTP_CSP::all_sites - parse every report seen (look for csp-report keyword in every HTTP POST request),
  • HTTP_CSP::monitored_sites - parse only reports sent to specified hosts.

Package Version :