Bro Interface Setup

A broctl plugin that helps you setup capture interfaces.


The plugin is off by default. To enable it, add "interfacesetup.enabled=1" to broctl.cfg.

broctl.cfg example

#To change the default mtu that is configured

#To change the default commands that are used to bring up the interface
#interfacesetup.up_command=/sbin/ifconfig {interface} up mtu {mtu}
#interfacesetup.flags_command=/sbin/ethtool -K {interface} gro off lro off rx off tx off gso off

#For FreeBSD systems uncomment this line
#interfacesetup.flags_command=/sbin/ifconfig {interface} -rxcsum -txcsum -tso4 -tso6 -lro -rxcsum6 -txcsum6 -vlanhwcsum -vlanhwtso

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