This plugin provides native AF_XDP support for Bro.


  • Linux kernel 4.18+
  • Linux kernel source files
  • LLVM and CLang to compile eBPF
  • Bro source files
  • libbpf (included in the linux kernel source tree)

Quick start

Compile the plugin.

./configure --bro-dist=BRO_SOURCE_PATH --with-kernel=KERNEL_SOURCE_PATH --with-bpf=LIBBPF_PATH --with-clang=CLANG_COMPILER_PATH --with-llc=LLVM_COMPILER_PATH make

After installation of the plugin it can be used by using af_xdp as prefix for the interface name.

bro -i af_xdp::eth0


Copyright (c) 2018 by Iwan Timmer
Distributed under the BSD-3 Clause license, except for the eBPF kernel parts which are licensed under the GPL-2.0.
For more information about the licenses, see COPYING and COPYING.GPL.

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