Add VLAN tags to all Bro logs

This script adds VLAN tags to all of the Bro logs that have the conn_id (id) field.


bro-pkg refresh
bro-pkg install corelight/log-add-vlan-everywhere


All Bro logs that contain connection information with the c$id field
should have fields that indicate VLAN tags (named vlan and inner_vlan).

Potential Side Effects

There are potential side effects from loading this script if another script is indexing tables based on the c$id field. This generally is not done in most modern scripts and is not done in the core Bro distribution anywhere.

This script tries to avoid potential trouble with this indexing issue by
only grabbing the VLAN information from the connection_established
event because any other script that uses c$id for indexing would probably always get the value that was collected already anyway.

If you think that this script is impacting any other script please reach out
to us at support@corelight.com and let us know what script you think it might be impacting.


Nate Guagenti @neu5ron Seth Hall <seth@corelight.com>

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